《Too Tall》太高了

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《Too Tall》太高了

《Too Tall》太高了




Lola wanted to play on a team. Lola想加入一个团队。

On Monday, she went to try out for the volleyball team. 星期一的时候,她去试了试排球队。

“Sorry!” the coach said. “对不起!”教练说道。

“You’re up there, and the net is down here.You’re just too tall!” “你身高在上面这儿,但是网却在下面那儿。你太高了。

Lola was sad. Lola很伤心。

“They didn’t pick me,”she told her mother and father. “他们没有选我,”她告诉了她的爸爸,妈妈。

“But I still want to play on a team.” “但是我还是想加入一个团队。”

Lola decided to try out for another team. Lola决定去试一试另一个团队。


On Tuesday, Lola went to try out for the softball team. 星期二的时候,Lola去垒球队试了试。

“Sorry!” said the coach. “对不起!”教练说道。

“No one can pitch the ball to you.You’re just too tall!” “没有人能把球扔给你。你太高了!”

Lola hung her head. Lola低垂着头。

“They didn’t pick me for the softball team,”she told her mother. “垒球队也没有选我。”她跟妈妈说道。

“Try again, Lola,”said her mother. “再试试,Lola,”妈妈说道,

“You’ll find a team that’s right for you.” “你一定会找到适合你的那个团队的。”


On Wednesday, Lola went to try out for the track team. 星期三的时候,Lola去田径队试了试。

“It wouldn’t be fair,”said the coach. “这会不公平的,”教练说道,

“You’d win every race with those long legs!You’re just too tall.” “你的长腿会让你赢得任何比赛。你太高了。”

Lola went home. Lola回到了家里。

“I’m just too tall,” she cried. “我只是太高了,”她哭泣着。

“No one will ever want me on their team!” “没有人想让我加入他们的团队!”

“Try again, Lola,”said her father. “再试一次,Lola,”

“Don’t give up.” 爸爸说道,“不要放弃。”


On Thursday, Lola went to try out for the swim team. 星期四的时候,Lola去游泳队试一试。

The coach shook his head. 教练摇摇头。

“I’m sorry,” he said. “很抱歉,”他说道。

“The pool is only four feet deep.You’re much too tall.” “游泳池只有四英尺深。你太高了。

Lola didn’t like to swim anyway,so she wasn’t quite so sad. Lola不怎么喜欢游泳,所以她没有那么伤心。

But she still wanted to be on a team. 但是,她仍然想要成为一个团队的一员。

On Friday, Lola went to try out for the bowling team. 星期五的时候,Lola去了保龄球队试一试。

Well, she tried to try out. 好吧,她尽力尝试。

But she couldn’t even fit through the door of the bowling alley. 但是她甚至都不能通过保龄球馆的门。

“You’re just too tall,” the coach shouted from inside. “Sorry!” “你只是太高了,”教练从里面大喊道,“对不起!”

Lola was sad. Lola很伤心。

When she got home, she said,“I give up. I can’t be on a team.I’m just too tall.” 当她回到家,她说道:“我放弃了。我不能加入到任何队里面。我太高了。


On Saturday, Lola’s friends came over. 星期六的时候,Lola的朋友来了。

“Come try out for our team,”said Jill. “来我们的队里试试吧,”Jill说道。

“We need one more player,”said Mindy. “我们还需要一名队员,”Mind说道。

“We need YOU!” “我们需要你!”

“NO!” said Lola.“I don’t want to try out for the team.The coach won’t pick me.I’m just too tall.” “不!”Lola说道。“我不想去这个队里试试了。教练不会选我的。我只是太高了。”

Lola’s friends came back on Sunday. Lola的朋友周日的时候又回来了。

“Please change your mind,”they said. “请改变一下你的主意吧,”他们说道。

“Please come and try out!We know you’ll get picked for our team!” “求你来吧,来试一试吧!我们都知道你会被我们队选中的!”

Lola thought about it. Lola想了想。

She still didn’t want to try out for another team. 她仍然不想尝试别的团队了。

But she did want to help her friends. 但是,她想帮助她的朋友们。

“Okay,” she said. “Let’s go.” “好吧,”她说道,“我们走吧。”


So Lola tried out for the basketball team. 于是Lola去篮球队试了试。

This time, the coach picked her right away. 这一次,教练马上选择了她。

“I’m not too tall?” she asked. “我不是太高了么?”她问道。

“Not at all,” said the coach. “完全不是,”教练说道,

“For this team,you’re just perfect!” “对于这个团队来说,你恰好就是完美的!”

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