《The Chatterbox Turtle》 喋喋不休的乌龟

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《The Chatterbox Turtle》 喋喋不休的乌龟

The Chatterbox Turtle

《The Chatterbox Turtle》正文

Turtle lived in a muddy pool. 乌龟住在一个泥巴的水塘里。

Lots of animals came to the pool to drink. 很多动物们都来水塘里喝水。

Trutle loved to talk to the animals. 乌龟最爱跟大家说话了。

“Turtle is a big chatterbox,”they said. “乌龟是个大话唠啊!”他们说。

One day, Turtle saw two geese by the pool. 乌龟在水塘边遇到了两只鹅。

“What are you doing here?”he asked. “你们在这里干嘛?”他问。

“We are on our way home,”said the geese. “我们正在回家呢,”两只鹅回答道。

“We live far, far away on a beautiful blue lake.” “我们住在很远、很美的蓝色湖泊里。”

Turtle looked at his muddy pool.“I wish I could go there, ”he said. 乌龟看着这个泥巴很多的水塘,说,“我要是也能去那儿就好了。”

“Why don’t you fly back with us? ”asked the two geese. “那为什么不跟我们一起飞回去呢?”两只鹅问到。

“I can’t fly .” Turtle told them. “我不会飞呀。”乌龟回答。

“We’ll carry you to the lake, ”said the geese. “我们能把你带到湖边去,”两只鹅说,

“But you must not talk until we get home.” “但是路上你不准说话,直到我们到家。”

“I won’t say one word!”said Turtle. “我一个字都不会说的!”乌龟说。

The geese found a long stick. 两只鹅找到了一根很长的棍子。

They held it in their beaks. 他们用嘴衔着它。

“Hold onto this with your mouth,”they said. “用你的嘴叼住它,”他们说,

“And remember! You must not talk.Not a word, or you will fall.” “而且记住!千万不要说话。一个字也别说,不然你会掉下去的。”

Turtle put the stick in his mouth and the two geese flew up,up into the sky. 乌龟把棍子叼在了嘴里。两只鹅飞了起来,越飞越高,飞向了天空。

What fun!I’m flying! (乌龟心想)“真有意思!”“我飞起来了!”

As they flew over the trees, 他们飞过了很多棵树。

Two parrots saw them. 树上有两只鹦鹉看到了它们。 Look! “看呀!”

Where are you going,Turtle? “你要去哪里啊,乌龟?”

Turtle wanted to shout back to them. 乌龟想要大声回答他们。

Just in time, he remembered not to talk. 但是忽然间,他记起了他不能说话。

The monkeys saw Turtle, too. 猴子们也看到了乌龟。

They waved their paws at him. 他们向他挥动着爪子。

“You do look silly. ”they shouted. “你看起来好傻哟!”他们对着它喊到。

Turtle wanted to shout. 乌龟想大喊。

Just in time, he remembered not to talk. 就在那时,他记起了他不能说话。

“Look! Turtle has to keep his mouth closed, ”laughed Snake. “看!乌龟必须得闭嘴呢,”蛇笑着说,

“I bet you can’t keep your mouth closed, Turtle. “我敢打赌,你是闭不上嘴的,乌龟。

You can’t stop talking.” 你是不能停止说话的。”

“Yes I can!”shouted Turtle “是的,我可以!”乌龟大喊。

Down, Down, Down, he fell. 于是,他掉下来啦。

Bump! Bump! Bump! He went. 嘭!嘭!嘭!他摔在了地上。

The animals rushed to see if he was all right. 动物们都冲过去看他还好吗。

Turtle grinned up at them. 乌龟对他们咧嘴一笑。

“You were right,”he said.“I can’t stop talking.” “你们说得对,”他说,“我就是不能停止说话。”

“But now I’ve been flying,”he laughed.“I’ve got even more to talk about!” “但是现在,我已经飞过了,”他笑着说,“现在我有更多可以说的东西啦!”

And he want all the way home to his muddy pool. 然后他一路走回了家,那个很多泥巴的水塘。

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