《Little Pea》小豆子

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《Little Pea》小豆子

《Little Pea》小豆子

《Little Pea》正文

This is the story of Little Pea, Mama Pea, and Papa Pea. 这是一个关于豆宝宝,豆妈妈与豆爸爸的故事。

Little Pea was a happy little guy. 小豆子是一颗快乐的小豆子。

He liked to do a lot of things. 他喜欢做各种各样有意思的事儿。

He liked rolling down hills, for example, super fast. 他喜欢像这样飞快的从小山坡上滚下来。

He liked hanging out with his pea pals. 他喜欢和朋友们跳方格。

He liked it when Papa Pea came home at the end of the day. 在每天傍晚豆爸爸回家后,他还喜欢和爸爸玩游戏。

Papa Pea would fling Little Pea off a spoon high into the air, 豆爸爸把小豆子放进汤匙里,然后把小豆子高高地抛入空中,

and Little Pea would scream, “Again! Again!” 每当这个时候,小豆子就会尖叫道:“再来一次,我还要,爸爸!”

At bedtime Little Pea very much liked snuggling with Mama Pea, 每天睡觉的时候,小豆子喜欢依偎在妈妈怀里,

and hearing stories about what Mama Pea was like when she was a little pea. 听妈妈讲她儿时的故事。

But there was one thing that Little Pea did not like… 但是,有一件事情小豆子特别不喜欢……

Candy. 糖果!

That’s what you have to eat for dinner every night when you’re a pea. Candy. Candy. Candy.Candy. 当你是一颗小豆子的时候,有一件你不得不做的事,那就是每天晚饭吃糖果。 糖果,糖果,还是糖果!

Monday:  Red Candy.   周一:红色糖果;

Tuesday: Orange Candy.  周二:橘色糖果;

Wednesday: Yellow candy. 周三:黄色糖果;

Thursday: Purple and pink polka-dotted candy. 周四:紫色和粉色圆点的糖果。

Friday: Striped candy. 周五:条状糖果;

Saturday: Swirly candy. 周六:漩涡形糖果;

Sunday: Rainbow candy. 周日:彩虹糖。

Little Pea hated all of it. 因为他实在太讨厌这一切。

“If you want to grow up to be a big, strong pea, 可是爸爸会说:“如果你想要长出一颗又大又结实的豆子,

you have to eat your candy,” Papa Pea would say. 你就要吃掉你的糖。”

“If you don’t finish your candy then you can’t have dessert,” “如果你不吃完你的糖,你就不能吃甜点了哦!”

Mama Pea would say. 妈妈威胁道。

“How many pieces do I have to eat?” “那么我要吃几块儿糖呢?”小豆子问道。

“Eat five pieces and you can have dessert.” “吃完五块儿糖,然后你就能吃甜点了。”妈妈回答说。

“Five pieces?” he whined. “五块儿吗?”小豆子呜呜地嘟囔着。

“Five pieces,” they chimed. “是的,五块儿。”爸爸妈妈异口同声说道。

“Five pieces?” he whined. “真的是五块儿吗?”小豆子又问了一遍。

“Five pieces,” they chimed. “是的,没错。”爸爸妈妈重复了一遍。

“One. Yuck.” “一块儿,好恶心啊!”

“Two. Blech.” “两块儿,呸呸呸!”

“Three. Plck.”  “三块儿,真难吃!”

“Four. Pleh.” “第四块儿,真是快哭了!”

“Five pieces of candy! “五块儿都吃完了!

Now can I have dessert?” 现在我能吃我的甜点了吗?”小豆子问道。

“Yes.Now you can have dessert,” “是的,你可以去吃了。”

said Mama Pea and Papa Pea. 爸爸和妈妈回答道。

Little Pea couldn’t wait to see what it was. 小豆子已经迫不及待地想要看看今天的甜点是什么了。

“Spinach!” squealed Little Pea.“My favorite!” “菠菜!”小豆子悄悄地说“这可是我的最爱哦!”

Little Pea licked his dessert plate clean. 小豆子把他的甜点盘子舔得干干净净的。

yum 好吃! yum 真好吃!

extra yum. 真是美味极了!

And they lived hap-pea-ly ever after. 之后,小豆子一家又过上了幸福快乐的生活。

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