《Home sweet home》家,甜蜜的家



《Home sweet home》家,甜蜜的家

《Home sweet home》家,甜蜜的家




Hen had a nice white house. 母鸡有一所漂亮的白色房子。

She liked her house. 她非常喜欢自己的房子。

But she wanted a new color for her house. 但是,她想为自己的房子换一个新的颜色。

"I will paint my house red,"thought Hen. “我要把我的房子粉刷成红色。”母鸡想道。

Along came Cow. 奶牛走了过来。

"Hello,Hen,"said Cow."Do you want to play with me?" 说道:“你好,母鸡,你想和我一起玩么?”

"Not today,"said Hen. “今天不行,”母鸡说道。

"I'm going to paint my house." “我要粉刷我的房子。”

"I will help you,"said Cow. 奶牛说道,“我会帮助你的。”

"We need a ladder,"said Hen. “我们需要一把梯子,”母鸡说,

"I will go find one.You wait here." “我去找一个,你在这儿等着。”

Cow waited and waited.She got tired of waiting. 奶牛等呀等呀。她等得不耐烦了。

So Cow grabbed a can of paint. 于是,奶牛拿起了一罐涂料。

"This paint is as blue as the sky,"said Cow. “这涂料的颜色和天空一样蓝,”奶牛说道,

"Blue is a good color for a house.I will use this bright blue paint." “对于房子来说,蓝色是个不错的颜色。我要用这个天蓝色的涂料。”

And she did. 于是她也这样做了。

Along came Pig. 小猪也来了。

"Look at all the paint cans,"Pig said. “看看这所有的涂料罐,”小猪说道。

"Hen must be painting her house.I can help her." “母鸡一定是要粉刷她的房子。我可以帮她。”

Pig grabbed a can of paint. 小猪拿起了一罐涂料。

"This paint is as yellow as the sun,"said Pig. “这涂料的颜色和阳光的颜色一样金黄,”小猪说道,

"Yellow is a nice color for a house.I will use this yellow paint." “对于房子来说,黄色是个不错的颜色。我要用这个黄色的涂料。”

And he did. 于是他也这么做了。

Along came Duck. 鸭子也来了。

"Hen has lots of paint,"said Duck. “母鸡有好多涂料,”鸭子说道,

"She must be painting her house.I will help her." “她一定是在粉刷她的房子。我要帮她。”

Duck grabbed a paint can. 鸭子拿起了一罐涂料。

"This paint is as green as the grass,"said Duck. “这涂料的颜色和青草一样翠绿,”鸭子说道,

"Green is a fine color for a house.I will use this green paint." “对于房子来说绿色是个不错的颜色。我要用绿色的涂料。”

And he did. 于是,他也这么做了。

Along came Hen with a tall ladder. 母鸡带着高高的梯子回来了。

"Hello,Hen,"said Cow. “你好啊,母鸡,”奶牛说道,

"Look at your bright blue house." “看看你天蓝色的房子。”

"Hi,Hen!"said Pig. “嗨,母鸡!”小猪说道。

"Look at your bright yellow house." “看看你亮黄色的房子。”

"Good morning,Hen!"said Duck. “早上好,母鸡!”鸭子说道,

"Look at your bright green house." “看看你鲜绿色的房子。”

"Oh,no!"said Hen. “哦,不!”母鸡说道。

She looked at her house.Then Hen smiled. 她看了看自己的房子,然后笑了。

"My house is as bright as a rainbow,"said Hen. “我的房子想彩虹一样鲜艳明亮,”母鸡说道,

"But it needs a red door.I'll paint this door as red as a rose." “但是它还需要一个红色的门。我来把门粉刷得和玫瑰一样红。”

And she did! 于是她也这么做了。

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